2017 SFNCFF Film Award List

• Awards category

• Winners

1. Best Feature Film/Sofia University Humanity Award All That Love 情满人间
2. Best Minority Film Award Horse Hometown 骏马之乡
3. Best Comedy Film Award Digital Athletes: The Road to Seat League
4. Excellent Feature Film My Virtual Reality Girl 我的VR女友
5. Excellent Feature Film A Clear River 小河清清
6. Excellent Feature Film You Have A Nice Flight
7. Excellent Feature Film A Good Dream
8. Excellent Feature Film The Sound of the Left Ear 左耳的声音
9. Best Vietnamese Film Tracer_Truy Sat
10. Best Minority Film Producer The Song of The Angels 天使的声音
11. Best Nepal Film PANCHAYAT
12. Best Indian Film XYX
13. Best Leading Actor Award You Have A Nice Flight_Jimmy Dinh
14. Best Leading Actress Award PANCHAYAT_Neeta Dhungana
15. Best Drama Action Actress Tracer_Truy Sat_TRUONG NGOC ANH
16. Best Director & Choreography Award Grace Fury
17. Best Screenwriting Award Zhao Laoer Go to USA 赵老二上美国_Guoping Ren
18. Excellent Screenwriting Award Horse Hometown 骏马之乡__ 史金措
19. Excellent Screenwriting Award Tension of Bar No.7 《七号杆的拉力》
20. Best Short Narrative Film Award Road Kill
21. Excellent Narrative Film Award Awen
22. Excellent Narrative Film Award Black White 黑白
23. Excellent Narrative Film Award Pax Masculina
24. Excellent Narrative Film Award BREATHING 呼吸
25. Excellent Narrative Film Award An Inconvenient Ruth
26. Best Student Narrative Film Award Mato Twilight 大光明
27. Experimental Short Film Maybe Me
28. Excellent Debut Short Film Chasing Titles Vol. 1
29. Excellent Student Short Film Award Stand by me 下一站還有你
30. Excellent Student Native Film Taste 《味道》
31. Best Short Documentary Award For the Kids of Paarl
32. Excellent Short Documentary The Hospice Care 失控的生命
33. Best Student Short Documentary Award A Musician With A Zen Heart
34. Excellent Short Documentary A SMALL POTATO WITH A BIG DREAM子牧雅
35. Excellent Short Documentary Uncle Herder 阿克罗孜
36. Excellent Short Documentary Cave Rescue 山洞救援
37. Excellent Short Documentary Red Flag Over Border 红旗耀边关
38. Excellent Short Documentary Above the Clouds 云之上
39. Best Documentary For Children's Art Education 银河少儿剧团 GALAXY ART GROUP FOR CHILDREN
40. Best Dance Documentary Base Ballet
41. Excellent Documentary Award Xijiang River—VIGOR 美丽西江
42. Excellent Documentary Award 8 Steps to I Love You
43. Best Silicon Valley Documentary Silicon Valley Chinese
44. Best Music Composition Award The Magic Door
45. Best Music Video Award Delightful
46. Excellent Music Video Award Can She Stay
47. Excellent Music Video Award Stars Faded 星空
48. Excellent Music Video Award If You Are In 如果你还在就好了
49. Excellent Student Music Video Award Wait, What Kind of Man - 算什麼男人
50. Best Student Music Score Award The Vicissitudes of Life 沧桑百态_ Shijie Liang
51. Excellent Student Music Composition Award Escalate - Caitlin Zhang
52. Excellent Student Music Composition Award Morning - Erika Yan
53. Excellent Student Music Composition Award Raptor's Flight - Evan Wu
54. Best Music Video Producer Record 记录_Reborn Studio_Yiran Liu, Qian Zhou
55. Best Little Star Talent MEI HAY Michelle Ahl 舞蹈精灵,美禧卓安
56. Best Animation Award Stars
57. Excellent Animation Award Barkley-小貓巴克里
58. Excellent Animation Award Huerta de San Vicente
59. Excellent Animation Award Nightmare 魇
60. Best Commercial Award Z-Grills Elite 900 Campaign Video
61. Best Commercial Producer A tale to share_Reborn Studio_Yiran Liu, Qian Zhou
62. Best Film Singer Shani Rigsbee

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2017 SFNCFF Music Compose Competition

Juvenile Group:

  1. Zekai Liu “Towards Unknown - 星选者联盟”
  2. Angela Zhang “Autumn's Shadow”
    Albert Li “Remnant of Time”
  3. Abraham Lin and Sabrina Lin “Mother's love”

Youth Group:

  1. Kaidun Tang “春秋战鼓 - 广府春秋”
  2. Nianqi He “A Cat in Paris”
    Sze Ka Yip “Memory”
  3. Zongting Li “Flowers”
    Qinquan Li “不再见”

Adult Group:

  1. Ming Cheng “Theme music - Lotus Lantern 宝莲灯”
  2. Kun Wong “我自我陶醉”

2017 Film Song Contest Award List

  1. Music Contest Instrumental Award 器乐演奏奖:
    • 2nd Place 第二名 Sze Ka Yip 评委团总分 Grade:95
    • 1st Place 第一名 Alan He 评委团总分 Grade:96
  2. 少儿合唱团集体奖 Little Star Choir Award
    • 获奖者: Spring Choir 春天合唱团 评委团总分 Grade :958.9
  3. 成人合唱团集体奖 Diamond Choir Award,Group Singing,
    • 三重唱 评委团总分 Female Trio Grade:964.53
    • 女声小组唱 评委团总分 Female Group Grade:971.96
    • 男声小组唱 评委团总分 Male Group Grade :972.22
    • 成人合唱团 评委团总分 Choir Grade :973.18
    • 获奖者: American Art Institute Choir 美国艺术学院合唱团
  4. Most Popular Singer Award 最具人气奖:
    • Lily Zong “I love you China 我爱你中国” 评委团总分 Grade:943.08
  5. 2017 SFNCFF “金山杯”Music Contest 3rd Place 影视歌赛各组第三名
    • Little Star Group 1: 7-12 Yrs Old 小星星组
    • Sophie Cheung “See You Again” 评委团总分 Grade:961.2

    • Future Star 3rd Place,Group 2: 13-20 Yrs Old 明日之星组
    • William Huang “Blackbird” 评委团总分 Grade:943.48

    • Ruby Award 3rd Place,Group 3: 21-50 Yrs Old红宝石组
    • Shelly Chen “My Heart Will Going On” 评委团总分 Grade:961.4

    • Platinum Award 3rd Place,Group 4: 51-65 Yrs Old白金组
    • Dennis Chao 《楚歌》 评委团总分 Grade:970.4

    • Diamond Award Group 5: 66-77 Yrs Old 钻石组
    • Lily Lu 陸淳麗 《乡愁》 评委团总分 Grade:947.25
  6. 2017 SFNCFF “金山杯”Music Contest 2nd Place 影视歌赛各组第二名
    • Little Star Group 1: 7-12 Yrs Old 小星星组
    • Avril Wang Brown “Listen” 评委团总分 Grade:963.48

    • Future Star 2nd Place,Group 2: 13-20 Yrs Old 明日之星组
    • Hui, Flora 许令沂 “My Heart Will Going On” 评委团总分 Grade:966.78

    • Ruby Award 2nd Place,Group 3: 21-50 Yrs Old红宝石组
    • May Lu 卢薇 《似水流年》 评委团总分 Grade:962.4

    • Platinum Award 2nd Place,Group 4: 51-65 Yrs Old白金组
    • Zee Gorman 严子 “The Winner Takes it All” 评委团总分 Grade:970.81

    • Diamond Award Group 5: 66-77 Yrs Old钻石组
    • Mary Hwang 《中国往事》 评委团总分 Grade:951.77
  7. 2017 SFNCFF “金山杯”Music Contest 1st Place 影视歌赛各组第一名
    • Little Star Group 1: 7-12 Yrs Old小星星组
    • Angela Zhang 《大海啊故乡》 评委团总分: Grade:966.89

    • Future Star 1st Place,Group 2: 13-20 Yrs Old 明日之星组
    • Pauline Rogers 葆琳 “This Is My Beloved” 评委团总分: Grade:971.76

    • Ruby Award 1st Place,Group 3: 21-50 Yrs Old红宝石组
    • Di Hong 洪迪 《情深意长》 评委团总分: Grade:969.32

    • Platinum Award 1st Place,Group 4: 51-65 Yrs Old 白金组
    • Yun Joanna Zhang“Rusalka Song to the moon/ “月亮颂” 评委团总分: Grade:972.58

    • Diamond Award Group 5: 66-77 Yrs Old 钻石组
    • He, Xiulan 何秀兰 “I love you China 我爱你中国” 评委团总分: Grade:964.42
  8. 2017 SFNCFF “金山杯”Music Contest 评委团大奖:
    • 2017 SFNCFF “金山杯” Music Contest Bronze Award 铜奖 影视歌曲大赛总季军
    • Andrew Zhang “Can You Feel The Love Tonight” 评委团总分: Grade:973.29

    • 2017 SFNCFF “金山杯” Music Contest Silver Award 银奖 影视歌曲大赛总亚军
    • Jianxue Su 《牡丹之歌》 评委团总分: Grade:974.44

    • 2017 SFNCFF “金山杯” Music Contest Gold Award 金奖影视歌曲大赛总冠军
    • Billy Leung 《当你老了》 评委团总分: Grade:974.74

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