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2019 SFNCFF New Concept Dance Competition

1. Mission:

San Francisco International New Concept Film Festival holds the New Concept Dance Competition. The dance piece with the film or TV music is preferred.

2. Competition Schedule and Location:

Preliminary: Deadline: May 31, 2019. Applicants apply online and e-mail performance video links to sfnewfilm2016@gmail.com.

Final: August 3 to 4th, 2019, Saturday and Sunday in San Francisco, CA, USA

3. The groups of the competition:

A. Children Group 1: Under 12 years old.

B. Children Group 2: 13-18 years old.

C. Youth Group: 19-30 years of age.

D. Adult Group: 31-65 years old.

E. Diamond Group: over 66 years of age

4. Categories of the competition:

Solo, duet, trio or group dance. National Dance, Latin Dance, Ballroom Dance, etc. Please e-mail music MP3 file to sfnewfilm2016@gmail.com prior to competition.

5. Organizer:

San Francisco International New Concept Film Festival

6. Entry of the competition:

A. Sole participant: Registration fee: $80.

B. Duet, Trio Dancers group (2-3 dancers): Registration fee: $120.

C. Group over 4: Registration fee: $30 for each dancer.

7. The Judge Committee:

Professional dancers, teachers as well as professors.

8. Awards:

First Prize: Trophy and certificate, will be invited to perform at the award ceremony or special event.

Second Prize: Trophy and certificate

Third Prize: Trophy and certificate

The top dance of each group will be awarded by certificates.

9. Note:

The final interpretation of the competition result belongs to the Organizing Committee of the contest.

Film Dance Competition Application Form

Check payable to “SFNCFF” with the App Form mail to 支票与申请表寄至:
561 San Mateo Ave., San Bruno, CA 94066
E-mail: SFNCFFfilmmusic@hotmail.com

Registration Options

Online Submission Form

Please remember to pay your application fee on Paypal using the buttons above.

*By signing below, the applicant confirmed that he/she holds all necessary rights for the submission of the Entry and for the granting of all rights to SFNCFF herein and that he/she has read, understands and agrees to pay application fees and granting SFNCFF to exhibit on line or on theater publicly or edit the submitted music for promotional usage for SFNCFF.

US-China Culture & Communication Association
Ivy Images
Dasen American Academy
Academy of Art University
Chinese Students Association
San Francisco State University
Chinese Students and Scholars Association
University of San Francisco
Chinese Students and Scholars Association
Berkeley Chinese Students
and Scholars Association
Chinese Students and Scholars Association
Ohlone College
California College of Arts
Chinese Students Association
University of San Francisco
Chinese Students Association
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